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This personalised wood chopping board is an ideal present for a wedding, anniversary, house warming gift or any other special occasion. It's durable and versatile and also makes an ideal serving platter.


Size: Approx. 30cm x 20cm x 2cm

Large - Size: Approx. 35cmx25cmx2cm (including handle)


Simply send us the message you want and we'll send you a mock up for you to agree.

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


Personalised Chopping Board


    1. “Is this wooden board dishwasher safe?” The simple answer is “No!”. No wooden products should be subjected to the harsh environment found in a dishwasher, with its caustic solution and intense heat.
    2. “How do I clean my board?” Quite simply you should only rinse your board, and you can use a little washing up liquid.
    3. Never leave a board to soak in the sink. “Why?” If you look closely you will see the board is made up of strips of wood called staves. These staves are joined together with glue under immense pressure. Looked after well your board should give many years’ good service. Being a natural plant based product if left in the sink to soak, it will absorb water, the wood will swell up and expand. When the wood dries it will then contract, and eventually the board will split on the ends where the staves meet. So the best way is to just rinse it and stand it up to dry naturally with the staves running horizontally.
    4. If you have one of our beechwood boards, you may wish to give it a light wipe over from time to time with a little vegetable oil (not olive oil).
    5. Chopping onions and garlic will likely leave an unwanted odour. The simplest way to remove this is to give the board a wipe over with lemon juice (it works on your hands, too!)
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